Monday, June 22, 2009

Purple Glaze Studio

This post isn't about cooking, but a fabulous art project my sisters and I participated in. In honor of Elaine's 19th bday last week, Kendra and I decided to forego the usual clothes and jewelry presents and take her on a memorable the Purple Glaze Studio (well, first we ate at the Crusty Croissant which had wonderful chicken salad on croissants and tiramisu, but that's another post!). At Purple Glaze you pick out your plain pottery and you sit and paint it. For hours. No really, probably four hours :)

We each chose our pottery (also called greenware) and sat down to paint. It's not what you think, because the paints are ugly and dull. My favorite was the crackle paint that went on dull and came out BEAUTIFUL! After the big decision of what to paint, we squeezed our paint on the table and got busy!

As you can see, I did lemons with a bright red crackle paint on the outside. I also outlined the lemons in puff paint. You can tell the colors look dull! Kendra did an ocean scene and Elaine did a teapot with a peacock feather on the front. You have to leave your piece there for 3 days so they can glaze it.

What a fun trip! I recommend the Purple Glaze for dates, with or without your man! I will post pics later this afternoon of our finished pieces. You will be amazed!!!

My finished product! What is it for? Duh, lemons!!!

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