Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Healthy" Strawberry Cake

Since I'm going to Casa Bonita tonight for Elaine's big 1-9, I decided I'd make a "healthy" cake...If there's such thing. Let's just say "healthi-ER"...Don't ask questions. You'll need only a few things: a white (reduced sugar) cake mix. You have to use Duncan Hinds. Why? Because that's what I was told by my cake lady. If you know me at all, I am obsessed with making cakes. I'm obsessed with a lot of things, but this is actually one dream I pursued and took a course in. My friend Lily and I (and her mama) braved the back rooms of Hobby Lobby and came out expert cake decorators. Well, maybe not experts...Anyway, you'll need to bake your cake like normal in 2-8" pans...EXCEPT...Mrs. Cake Lady told us if you want your cakes denser so they won't fall apart when you turn the pan upsidedown, do the normal cake recipe, but take out 1/2 the oil, and 2 T. of water. Normal eggs. THEN. BUY A LEVELER. This is a leveler:

If you want to shave that camel hump off your cake and make it nice and flat, just get this cheap (2.99 @ Hobby Lobby) tool. Cool your cakes for 20 minutes, then dump out and level. You'll need Fat Free/Sugar Free Cool Whip and a bucket o' strawberries (slice them please, and sprinkle a littttttle bit of sugar on them so they juice up nicely. After you lick the lid, spread a layer of Cool Whip on the cake. Arrange the strawberries so the cake closes.

Stack it, then ice it with the remaining Cool Whip!! Take the back of your spoon and raise it up over and over again to make the "spikes". Or cat ears...but that's gross.

My neighbor loved it. My husband loved it. I loved it. My dog would love it too, but I only let her have one dollop of Daisy...I mean Cool Whip, that "accidentally" fell on the floor.

It's summery and light. Take it to your family reunion. Take it to a potluck. Take it into the laundry room and eat it all secretly by yourself. Or just make it because it's healthy. Strawberries are healthy right?

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