Friday, June 26, 2009

Meatball Subs

Kayla's mom was so kind to give me the wonderful mini meatball recipe she made for K's shower...It is so easy and yummy. I tried to make my husband guess what the two secret ingredients were (besides the frozen Italian meatballs) and he guessed one: BBQ sauce. The other? Apricot preserves!!! Weird, I know, but extremely tasty! So you get your mini crockpot (actually do it in a big one if you don't have a baby one), pour the meatballs in, pour a bottle of your fave BBQ in and a jar of apricot preserves. Good...saucy...messy! Heat it over low while you suffer through another class at NSU for 3 hours...or high if you want to watch Iron Chef America while sipping water with lemons out of your lemon bowl. Whateva...
Throw some buttered french bread on the grill, sprinkle some garlic salt on it, then grate REAL parm cheese on top o that! Put 5 or 6 meatballs on it and you got yourself a meatball sammy!

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