Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sun Tea

Because of the large amount of clouds and rain today I've decided to post how to make sun tea. It all started that one Wednesday a couple of weeks ago. Ya know, the one where an egg would have fried on my black car? Or the one on which I layed outside for 15 minutes per side and thought I was going to have a heat stroke? Or the one where my car temperature read 107?
When we were little we used to go out to our farmhouse in Stonewall, OK with our Aunt Leslie and cousins, Kate, Kellee, and Michael. We intelligently and appropriately named it, "THE FARM", which is also where my grandmother, Jo, grew up. Aunt Leslie used to set out a big glass jar on the crusty old sidewalk and call it 'sun tea'. What's the big deal? I don't know. It's very clear and it tastes...sunny? When I was little I thought it was some type of magical tea, but now I just know it's the sun that heats the water that steeps the tea. Duh. But I had a big imagination, so what?
Start by making this magical tea with a magical glass jar and two Lipton tea bags. I hate Cain's. That's why I recommend LIPTON! Actually just get a big glass thing. A vase. A fishbowl. Whatever, just make sure #1 it's clean, and #2 you took the fish out before you stick the bowl outside.

Stick it on your porch . Let it steep.

Viola! After two hours my tea was as black as my skin that same day I layed out. I wish.
Sorry for the fuzzy pics. Sometimes my camera gets lazy.

If you like lemons in your tea, cut one. But be warned...

Knives are sharp.

Okay, Okay, I milked it so I could take a dramatic pic. Whatver, don't judge me.

What better to drink on a hot day? ICED SUN TEA.
Thanks Aunt Leslie.

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  1. i like the blood picture. it adds a nice touch. ;)