Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mini upside down pineapple cakes

It's been a month...SORRY!! I've been a bit busy since Brent bought his new business!! I received a gift card in the mail a couple days ago from the wonderful Klugh family and decided to head to the Stock Pot to spend it. I found this AWESOME mini pineapple upside down cake pan that was to die for.

So I bought it. It was hard enough not to go out and buy the stuff yesterday right about I got it, but I held off till today. You don't want to do all your fun things in one day right?? I'd already been up to the school to paint....I'm not going to give you the recipe but it's on the bottom of the sleeve when you buy the pan, so go buy it! There's one on amazon.com that's cheaper!! They are gooey and yummy! I did want to share a trick about shortening that my cake instructor showed me...since we all hate cleaning out Crisco...put some saran wrap in your measuring cup and THEN put the Crisco in...It pops right out and you can throw the cup back in the drawer!

So YUMMY...please go buy this pan!!!!!!

And thanks, Melanie :)

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